Archive Fashion Newly Defined by Stylist Shotaro Yamaguchi

Archive Fashion Newly Defined by Stylist Shotaro Yamaguchi
Tops : Raf Simons (2004A/W) (Archive Store)
Pants : Supreme (2019S/S) (KOMEHYO)
Shoes : NIKE (2019A/W) (KOMEHYO)

It has a presence, and you won’t be caught wearing the same piece as your friends. And even better, you can keep on wearing it for decades. A leather jacket is definitely a piece of clothing you want to have in your closet. But don’t you find it quite difficult to actually make the best of it? Wearing a rider’s jacket makes you look like you’re part of the punk crowd like Sid Vicious or the Ramones, and wearing a long coat makes people think you’re cosplaying as the black detective Richard Roundtree from the movie Shaft. What should you buy, when rider’s jackets and coats are not an option but you still want a modern leather jacket? We recommend this piece, which was announced in the 2018S/S collection by MARTINE ROSE. The figure was calculated into the small details and the design keeps inspiring. It’s also a spring/summer item, so it’s not that heavy either, and you can wear it in other seasons as well. This is, in other words, the perfect leather jacket. You can keep on wearing it for several years or decades, enjoying the changes in texture that come with the material. We are looking forward to the day that this item grows even further in value as an archive item.


Born 1987 in Kyoto. He studied under Miyamasu Yoshi and began his own career as an independent stylist from 2011. His work ranges widely from fashion magazines such as Them Magazine, TANK Magazine, FIGARO JAPON and Milk JAPON; fashion catalogues and advertisements; and collaborations with celebrities. His trademark is his genre-crossing work ranging from menswear to womenswear, kidswear to luxury clothing. He currently belongs to eight peace.


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Direction&Styling_ SHOTARO YAMAGUCHI
Photography_ YUJI FUKUHARA