Archive Fashion Newly Defined by Stylist Shotaro Yamaguchi

Archive Fashion Newly Defined by Stylist Shotaro Yamaguchi
Tops:PRADA(2007A/W) (Archive Store)
Pants:HELMUT LANG(Unknown) (Archive Store)

Do you remember PRADA’s collection for the 2007 Autumn/Winter season? To quote famous fashion journalist Tim Blanks, in this collection Miucchia Prada expressed ‘the heart of darkness underneath society's veneer of civilization’. The models, as if dolls, wore minimally designed tailored clothing and have an androgyne impression, almost as to remind us of the world of a dystopia like George Orwell’s [1984]. [Minimalism], [Androgyny] [Dystopia], this was a collection that covered all the keywords to invoke the spirit of the fashion world at that moment. This angora woollen top is an item that reflects these keywords deeply. It makes sense that it was often re-used in the collection. For PRADA fans, this is an item that is so impressive that you can guess which season it’s from just by looking at it. It also fits the current trends amazingly well. It’s hard to tell how far into the future Miucchia was looking when she designed this, but it’s hard to deny that the items PRADA designed 12 years ago are the ones most fitting to today’s trends. This is why you never get tired of looking at fashion, and why archive items are interesting as well. I would love to invite you to pull that archive items by a luxury brand you have sleeping all the way in the back of your closet. Perhaps it’s that item that ends up feeling the newest and most fitting to this particular timing.


Born 1987 in Kyoto. He studied under Miyamasu Yoshi and began his own career as an independent stylist from 2011. His work ranges widely from fashion magazines such as Them Magazine, TANK Magazine, FIGARO JAPON and Milk JAPON; fashion catalogues and advertisements; and collaborations with celebrities. His trademark is his genre-crossing work ranging from menswear to womenswear, kidswear to luxury clothing. He currently belongs to eight peace.


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ADDRESS : Wako Bldg. B1, 1-12-16 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, TOKYO, JAPAN

Direction&Styling_ SHOTARO YAMAGUCHI
Photography_ YUJI FUKUHARA