Archive Fashion Newly Defined by Stylist Shotaro Yamaguchi

Archive Fashion Newly Defined by Stylist Shotaro Yamaguchi
Jacket:VETEMENTS (2016A/W) (Kindal)
Shirt:E.TAUTZ (Unknown) (KOMEHYO)
Tshirt:Maison Margiela (Unknown) (KOMEHYO)
Shoes:Maison Margiela (2017A/W) (Kindal)

Demna Gvasalia, the founder of VETEMENTS, has announced he is to leave the brand. It’s still anyone’s guess as to what kind of collection they will announce for next season, but one thing we can say it that VETEMENTS, in the seasons designed by Demna, been a brand that has left its mark on fashion history and will definitely be continue to be talked about by our posterity. Which of course also means it will have value to be used as archive items. In ten, or maybe thirty years, as long as the designer known as Demna Gvasalia will stay well-known and keep creating items for the fashion industry, the items he made for VETEMENTS will definitely keep on shining. For example, we have this golden velour jacket. The silhouette looks fairly standard, but the surprising colouring turns everything upside down which is what VETEMENTS is known for; you can wear it this season, but even for decades to come you can still feel fresh wearing it. As a model for combinations for this season, we would recommend you to make a stylish combination with this jacket as the centre piece. Perhaps try to combine it with a pair of German trainers by Maison Margiela for an even ‘greener’ impression.


Born 1987 in Kyoto. He studied under Miyamasu Yoshi and began his own career as an independent stylist from 2011. His work ranges widely from fashion magazines such as Them Magazine, TANK Magazine, FIGARO JAPON and Milk JAPON; fashion catalogues and advertisements; and collaborations with celebrities. His trademark is his genre-crossing work ranging from menswear to womenswear, kidswear to luxury clothing. He currently belongs to eight peace.


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Direction&Styling_ SHOTARO YAMAGUCHI
Photography_ YUJI FUKUHARA