Archive Fashion Newly Defined by Stylist Shotaro Yamaguchi

Archive Fashion Newly Defined by Stylist Shotaro Yamaguchi
Blouson: Hermes (Unknown) (KOMEHYO)
Jacket:Z ZEGNA (Unknown) (KOMEHYO)
Pants:Maison Margiela (2017S/S) (Archive Store)
Shoes:Nike (2019A/W) (KOMEHYO)

The simpler an item is, the more necessary it becomes to have a specific vision when designing it. This might look like just another casual nylon blouson, but it’s actually an archive item originally designed for HERMES. All fashion lovers will probably realise its beauty when they see its patterns and silhouette, but they might be surprised when they actually put their arms through the sleeves and feel how amazing it feels when you wear it. Even when designing things everyone wears like a white shirt or blue denim jeans, there should be no compromises. The shirt is by LOUIS VUITTON, while the jeans were made for the RE-EDITION line by Maison Margiela, redesigning items from their archives. Even without relying on clothes with brand logos or striking decorations, I feel people who put their all into designing a simple item can just as well be seen as ‘someone with good taste’.


Born 1987 in Kyoto. He studied under Miyamasu Yoshi and began his own career as an independent stylist from 2011. His work ranges widely from fashion magazines such as Them Magazine, TANK Magazine, FIGARO JAPON and Milk JAPON; fashion catalogues and advertisements; and collaborations with celebrities. His trademark is his genre-crossing work ranging from menswear to womenswear, kidswear to luxury clothing. He currently belongs to eight peace.


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Direction&Styling_ SHOTARO YAMAGUCHI
Photography_ YUJI FUKUHARA