Archive Fashion Newly Defined by Stylist Lambda Takahasi

Archive Fashion Newly Defined by Stylist Lambda Takahasi
Vest : Maison Margiela (Early 2000's)
Tops : Maison Margiela (Early 2000's)
Shirts : LOEWE (2017S/S)
Shorts : NUMBER (N)INE (2009A/W)
Pants : Maison Margiela (2017S/S)

Featured in this blue-toned outfit are archive items by Martin Margiela. We have here a denim tops from the early 2000’s, a biker vest, and an ice blue denim from 2017 S/S. Worn together is a long sleeve shirt by J.W. Anderson for 2017 S/S LOEWE, and fur shorts from 2009 A/W NUMBER (N)INE for a playful styling that avoids the outfit to look too monotonous. White sneakers are worn to bring out the beautiful blue tones.


From 2005, Takahashi studied under Haruhisa Shirayama, and eventually began his own career as an independent stylist from 2008. Currently belongs to Office Shirayama.
Takahashi’s original styling is highly acclaimed in and outside of Japan, and his work ranges widely from magazines, catalogs, and the Paris Collection. In 2017 A/W, he also launched his own brand R.M GANG.

Direction&Styling_ LAMBDA TAKAHASHI
Photography_ SHUNYA ARAI