Archive Fashion Newly Defined by Stylist Lambda Takahasi

Archive Fashion Newly Defined by Stylist Lambda Takahasi
Jacket : Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme(2003A/W)
Vest : Acne Studios (2013A/W)
Inner : RAF SIMONS (2003A/W)
Pants : Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme (2003A/W)

Black is a color that probably best represents Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme, but sometimes items of eye-catching colors appear in his collections. This setup is an example of that. The deep red velvet fabric is already bold enough on its own, but elaborate details like the snake and dagger add even more power to the piece. It is unique because it is so different from the designer’s work that we are more familiar with. Because it is too intense to wear it just by itself, wearing it with items like a RAF SIMONS striped shirt or a sheepskin vest by Acne Studios can add more elegance. For shoes, AIR JORDAN 1 were chosen to match with the setup’s red hue.


From 2005, Takahashi studied under Haruhisa Shirayama, and eventually began his own career as an independent stylist from 2008. Currently belongs to Office Shirayama.
Takahashi’s original styling is highly acclaimed in and outside of Japan, and his work ranges widely from magazines, catalogs, and the Paris Collection. In 2017 A/W, he also launched his own brand R.M GANG.

Direction&Styling_ LAMBDA TAKAHASHI
Photography_ SHUNYA ARAI