Ken’ichi Gonmori
Ken’ichi Gonmori
Director of BOW WOW
Having a background in many fields like vintage, all sorts of music starting with hip-hop and the culture of Ura-Harajuku, he is the director of the brand BOW WOW. This Spring/Summer season, he helped launch the new brand RECOGNIZE together with King of Diggin’, also known as DJ MURO. Both brands are sold at his store in Harajuku, C30, along with second-hand clothes.


2 months ago
C30, the store I’m currently running, is a very Harajuku shop combining both fashion and music. The theme of this selection I’ve prepared this time is based on the talented KANYE WEST, who has left his mark on the history of music by keeping on looking for new ways to express sound while also being a fashion icon. From the DROPOUT BEAR t-shirt that he wore after being discovered by JAY-Z and going into the world of music, dropping out of university, this collection contains only designs that are unmissable when talking about Kanye West.
a month ago
“C30” is my own shop in Harajuku that combines fashion and music. The theme of the vintage t-shirts I have created for this collection, which was inspired by “C30”, is "IDOL BOOT". Back to 90’s, it looked definitely good, but when I look at it from a fashion point of view, I thought it wouldn’t be located at the center of the fashion. However, it seems to fit in the trend and is highly fashionable today. Maybe because there are not many bootleg t-shirts in Japan, no one seems to be wearing them. It is recommended that this is a good time to buy.
a month ago
“C30” is my own shop in Harajuku that combines fashion and music. The theme for this vintage collection inspired by C30 is "SILK". We have prepared a variety of silk items, all of which are fashionable and not too formal. I can recommend them with confidence. This time, no silk Hawaiian shirts will be available. We are currently considering the Hawaiian shirt collection selected by “C30”.